We have a complaint form to report content that may infringe the rights of third parties. Learn how it works and how to report. Remember to use this form responsibly.

Porn Hat Videos is a hosting service for user-uploaded porn videos, and we cannot manually review every video that is uploaded to the site. We do our best to quickly remove content that violates our Terms and Conditions.


If you find uploaded material that is inappropriate, illegal, harmful or offensive, please report the content using the contact or report form. We do not tolerate videos with people under the age of 18 If you see inappropriate content and suspect that it features minors, please let us know, and we will process that report immediately.

How to report and in what cases?

If you consider that any Porn Hat Videos content may be infringing the rights of third parties, you can report it through these channels:

Each publication has an icon (flag) that enables the complaint form.
Through the Contact Form located in the footer of the site.
If you use the contact form, you must specify the following in detail:

Exact URL where the content is located.
The detailed reasons on which such claim is based.
Once the complaint is received, it is analyzed by our specialized team, and the corresponding measures are taken. Some reasons for reporting content:

  • Racist content / Apology for violence
  • They infringe copyright
  • Contains images or personal information
  • Violation
  • incest
  • Drugs
  • Zoophilia
  • Pedophilia

In addition to disabling the publication, Porn Hat Videos reserves the right to apply a suspension to the channel of the user that generated the content. The user who reports is fully responsible to Porn Hat Videos and / or third parties for the abusive, unjustified, or indiscriminate exercise of the complaint procedure. Users are duly notified when content is removed from Porn Hat Videos.

How are complaints processed?

Complaints are received immediately and managed in 24/48 business hours. Our internal team reviews all the complaints received daily and evaluates the criteria applied. If applicable, the content is immediately removed from the platform.

Commitment to copyright

We recognize the legitimate defense of copyright on the Internet. We adopt an efficient process called “notices and takedown” based on the North American model of Intellectual Property known as DMCA, which is implemented by important companies on the Internet. Through this mechanism, we offer any owner of a work, copyright or patent, a form so that they can communicate directly with Porn Hat Videos and notify a content that may be infringing their right, so that they can be removed.

What is the DMCA?

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is the United States Intellectual Property Law enacted in 1996 by Bill Clinton, which proposes a model for managing copyright on the Internet. DMCA provides a legal process through which any Internet service provider company can be required to remove access to content that has been uploaded without the authorization of the copyright holder. At the same time, the Internet provider company must notify the owner of the website or the deleted content so that they can file a counter-claim in case they do not agree with it.